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Find Your Fit-The FitStop Times-Vol IX

Do you ever catch yourself watching others work out and wish you could do that particular move, or lift that specific weight? It happens. And it's ok. What is not ok is comparing yourself to that person. Remember: Your Day 1 can't be the same as their Day 100 ----- or vice versa. The FitStop wants to remind you as well to find your fit. Find what works for you. If you can lift that 80 lb dumbbell, then go for it. But if you can't, don't fret. Stick to the 15 lb one. You do you and let them do them. When it comes to working out, there is no one size fits all. FIND YOUR FIT.

It's Nutrition and Hydration Week! March 11-17th. Do you know the signs of dehydration? Let's check some out:

-Flushed skin

-dark, yellow pee

- swollen feet




-muscle cramps

I'd like to share an article from WebMD about dehydration. It's really informative and you may just learn a new fact.

PSA #1: there is 1 55lb weight that is removed until we fix the coating on it. It should be back on the rack by Friday.

PSA #2: Please use big black pads (shown below) when doing deadlifts, using landmine, or any other move that requires you to lower barbell and plates to the floor. We are on the 2nd floor so anytime the weights fall hit the floor, things move around in the ceiling below us.

AB Challenge: It's never too late to join in on a challenge. Either grab a calendar at the entrance of the gym, or sign up here:

Keep working hard.

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend.


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