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Exterior Signage

Credit Union Place is in the heart of it all.

Credit Union Place is in the heart of it all. Because this building is simply a structure, a vessel that finds meaning in the many magical things that we fill its walls with. From the Summerside Western Capitals’ fans, all the way to your favorite artist’s international tour, Credit Union Place is truly defined by whatever you place at its heart.

Our exterior logos and signage act as a vessel system to help us celebrate the events in the building and moments in the community and world. It is an adaptive framework designed to let the Credit Union Place visual identity shift, evolve, and breathe in these connections.

You will see our signage change for special events such as Western Capitals Games, or major concerts but also for moments in history, holidays, promotions, celebrations or mourning. If you see our signage change – take a picture and tag us!


Can you change the LED signage display for my event or occasion?

Can I add my brand to the exterior wall of Credit Union Place?

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