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  • Lost & Found
    Please visit the lost and found at our Reception Desk located inside the Credit Union Place lobby on the first floor. To inquire about an item, speak directly to one of our Customer Service Representatives at the time of your visit.
  • Accessible Parking
    Accessible parking at Credit Union Place may be available in Parking lot A and B during events. There are thirteen (13) on-site accessible parking spaces available for fans with disabilities.
  • Wheelchair Escorts
    Our Customer Service Division is happy to provide a wheelchair escort from the gates to your seat. To inquire on the availability of service, please contact Customer Service Representatives at (902) 432-1234 during regular business hours prior to the date of the event.
  • Accessible Seating
    When available, accessible seats may be purchased through Ticketmaster by phone at 1-855-682-6736 or online at
  • Amenities
    ELEVATORS Credit Union Place has elevators available for use by visitors who may be unable to use the stairs. The elevator located right of the reception desk will take visitors from ground level up to floor 2. The elevator located at the North-East side of the arena will take visitors to the Luxury Level Suites as well as the Oval and Casino. *Please note, Service Elevator access to get visitors up to the Premium Level Suites is by request only at the time of arrival.


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