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The FitStop Times Vol II

Happy Friday FitStoppers.

It was a busy day af the gym today. Lots of people coming and going. Full Bootcamp. New members. And even Phil from Vienneau Fitness Repair came by to do some maintenance. So next time you're on the treadmill, think of Phil. He cleaned them for you. And he'll be back to do it again soon.

The sign ups are online! Every Friday at 8:30 am you can find them on the CUP FB page pinned at the top. But just in case:


We've got a full week!

📌 Hiit every second Saturday.

📌 if you have any questions about classes, don't hesitate to ask Tracy.

Squash Courts: Since November we have moved all FitStop group classes into the Squash Courts (specifically #1). In case you haven't noticed the sign up on the Court door, if you would like to book the squash court for your squash game, please do one of the 3 options: go to EZFacility and book it on your own. Or. Ask front desk. Or. Ask me.

A class will only ever use one court at a time.

If any questions about the squash courts, feel free to reach out.

Lastly, let's take a moment and chat about

Yep, I said it. (Well, I actually pictured it...)

Anyway, did you know the CUP has, most likely, the best membership ever?? Not only do you have access to the gym and squash courts, but to all our classes, the pool and the classes there, the hottub, sauna and steam room. C'mon!

Still too much for you? Try it a little at a time. Get a day pass. Get a month membership.

Not ready to pay, but ready to work? Come use the walking track. For free!

There's lots of options to help you reach goals. Reach out to chat:

Have a great week!

Tracy---FitStop Supervisor

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