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FitStop Times--Vol XV

I thought I would start the blog off this way. So many times we are too quick to beat ourselves up when we don't hit a goal, or look the way we want, or even because we aren't quite lifting the amount we think we should be. Our fitness journey is just that: a journey. It's a process. Little things done consistently over time, melding together to create a beautiful masterpiece. Don't give up. Keep pushing through.

PSA: It is very noticeable when there is no music in the gym, and I have had many comments about it. As far as I know it is working better now, so it should be on all the time.

PSA #2: PLEASE put equipment away once you are finished with it.

CHALLENGE: new Challenge starting on Monday, May 27th. How much can you deadlift? What's your personal best? Let's find out! 30 days of working toward your PB in deadlifting. More info coming.

NEW CLASS: Saturday, May 25th, at 11am, our instructor, Maria R, is offering Chairfit! 16 spots available. Sign up today.

Link for sign ups:

SUMMER SCHEDULE: there will be a few changes to the schedule this summer, so please stay tuned for that. Also, DanceFit with Gloria ends for the Summer on June 5th.

SUMMER SERIES: there will also be many outdoor classes this summer. For the months of July and August, join different instructors at Leger Park on Central St. I will post the days/time soon.

There is a lot going on and now that the summer months are closer, days are filling up with activities and extra things. Let this be your reminder that each day you can choose to let life have control, or you can live the best life possible. EACH DAY! Remember, trust the process. You can.

Your coach and friend, Tracy

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