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The FitStop Times- Vol XVII

Welcome back! And speaking of back, I want to focus on it for a moment. Your back. My back. And all the parts.

Let's, just for a second, pretend like we know nothing about our backs. Um, maybe we don't need to pretend. Our backs are pretty complex! Take a peek at this photo:

Look at those deep muscles. This is why it's so important to have perfect posture, precise form when exercising. You may just be thinking of toning and defining the superficial muscles, but next time you pick up those dumbbells, or sit at the Back Row machine, think about those deeper muscles too. Fix your form, and get to work.

PSA: please make sure garbage gets into the waste cans. I've been picking up a lot of paper towels and wipes lately off the floor.

UPCOMING: FitStop 101 Workshop for youth. More details and to register:

bit ly/Fitstop-youth

CHALLENGE: Our deadlift challenge is still on the go. I'd love to hear from anyone who is doing it! I'll be talking a bit about it in the next week or so. If you haven't grabbed a tracker sheet yet, please do.

Have a great week 😀


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