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The FitStop Times-Vol XIV

Welcome to MAY!

2024 is zooming! I did see something funny on FB yesterday about the month of May. It said: I just realized why this month is called May... it may rain, it may snow, it may be 75 degrees and it may be 20 degrees...


Sad, funny and true.

PSA's: OK folks. I feel like a broken record, but please wear clean indoor shoes. As you saw above, it may rain, it may snow, it may be hot and dry with dirt outside... don't bring all that into the gym. Thank you.

Also, a quick reminder about being careful not to let weights fall and bang. Protect yourself, our ears, and our equipment please.

GYM NEWS: As you may have noticed, one of the cables, #15, was broken. It's now fixed. Thank you Maintenance.

Thank you for all the comments/suggestions lately letting me know of different equipment that needs to be looked at. I appreciate all the heads up and will always do my best to take care of things.

CHALLENGE: we still have our Functional Fitness challenge on the go. It's a FB group with a new challenge each day. Feel free to join in for the next 2 weeks:

A New Challenge will be coming up on May 27th! Stay Tuned.

MOTHER'S DAY <3 Are you a mother, or like a mother to someone? We want to celebrate you! Starting Friday, May 10th to Monday, May 13th, come to the gym and enter your name in a draw to win a prize. There will be a few. :)

There will also be a fun workout written out for you to try.

Have a wonderful week!


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