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THE FITSTOP TIMES: VOL VIII---Spring into Action!

March is here and with it comes a lot!

March 8th: International Women's Day.

March 12-18th: Nutrition and Hydration Week

March 17th: St. Paddy's Day

March 20th: SPRING! and World Happiness Day

March 22nd-28th: March Break

March 29th-31st: Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Phew! That is one amazing month!

PLUS: A 3 week AB Challenge starts on Monday, March 11th! Sign Up Here:

This is yet another chance to Spring into Action.

The challenge will work every area of the Abdominal cage, with and without weights, on the floor and standing.

PSA about Opening times. I have received numerous suggestions to open the gym at 5:00 or 5:30 am. Thank you for expressing your enthusiasm to workout early. However, our doors will open at 6 am as usual.

Also, another little reminder to please sanitize and put back equipment after use.

Thank you.

Have a great week!


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