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The FitStop Times Vol. V

It's beginning to look a lot like.... winter, isn't it? What a snow day! Our first closure this year-this season. I hope you all spent it well and stayed safe and active.

When you aren't able to get to the gym, what do you do? I stream a workout, make room in my bedroom, and get to work with whatever equipment I have. My philosophy with any kind of workout is use what you have. This can be taken literally as in your equipment, your space, but also physically and mentally. As with everything else you do in life, do the best you can and then some. Growth comes with effort.

EQUIPMENT: Perhaps you've noticed a few newly upholstered pads on the machines and benches. Thanks to Gerald Smith Upholstery. If you come across any tears, cracks, etc on the pads, please let me know. I try to check on them, but miss some. I am already aware of the assisted pull up machine knee pad and the chest press bench.

Thanks for the participation in the quick little competition I held to see which is the FitStop Fave equipment. MACHINES just won by about 3 votes!! It was just a little fun to have and I love me some good stats in the gym.

Also take a peek at the bulletin board next time you're in the gym. There's a couple of new posters up.

Lastly, I'd like to share a photo with you of one of our "hit" classes. Hiit with Karla is like a big family and they always have a great time! All ages and stages welcome!

The Fit stop here! Come join in the fun.

Your coach,


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