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The FitStop Times Vol III

Welcome back. Can you believe another week has gone by and we are officially over halfway through the 1st month of the new year! How are those New Years Resolutions going?? By the amount of people coming to the gym, I'd say pretty good. Someone told me we need more hooks for winter jackets in the hall! That's a good problem to have!


I need to emphasize again that the winter months are here, and that means shoes are wet and dirty coming from outside. Please have proper, clean, indoor sneakers to workout with. After all, this is your gym!

Equipment Update. The recumbent bike in the corner by the dumbbells has been out of commission for a little bit and it was discovered that a couple of the washers were stuck, almost bored, in the thread hole of the pedal, so that is on order. Thank you for your patience with that. It should be fixed up next week.

You also may have noticed we have more than one Double Head Attachment for your cable machine needs. I do have a third in the office that I will keep safe in case one of the others gets worn out too much.

Challenge. For the past 2 weeks, I have been challenging 18 members in their nutrition. We have learned about food logging, shopping the perimeter of the store, meal prepping, meal planning, what oils to cook with, how to add more veggies to our meals, and more. If you are looking to make some healthier nutrition choices, reach out and I can send you some info.

Speaking of Challenges, February is fast approaching and that means a new Challenge. Stay tuned, as the month of love could bring out the "best" in me!

Pilates Class: Susan Cannell will be doing a trial of Pilates on Wed, Jan. 24th at 12 pm and again on Friday, Jan. 26th at 10am. Come try it out and find the Fit!

Lastly, I will be away from the office on Jan 24, 25 and 26th.

Have a wonderful week!


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