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The Fit Stop ...Outside --Vol XIX

Welcome back to the blog.

Have you ever considered the benefits of exercising outdoors??

  1. Mental health-reduce stress by touching thatbeautiful green grass.

  2. Variety to keep you from getting bored- walk, run, thai-chi, rock climb, sports, cycling, etc

  3. Blast more calories- move your walk/run to a different surface. Uneven ground makes your muscles and your stabilizers work harder.

  4. Increase Vitamin D

  5. Fresh air

It may be time to take your workout outside!!

REMINDER-FitStop is offering FREE outdoor Classes at Leger Park. The schedule of classes is up on the bulletin board and at front desk. Hope to see you there!

PSA- Please put gym equipment away after use. I honestly can't emphasize this enough.

Speaking of equipment, we will be getting new weighted machines this Summer! So excited for this!

Quick and to the point today!! Have a great week!


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