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The Fit Stop Here---Vol XII

Birds flying high, sun in the sky, you know how I feel. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me. AND I'M FEELING GOOD!

We are halfway through April, the sun is gorgeous out there, and Michael Buble's song in running through my head. Especially since the radio system isn't working throughout the building right now, I've got to make my own music. Don't worry, they are working on the system.

While I'm on that topic though, I spoke to a few people yesterday about the gym being quiet, and that they would have to concentrate a little more on their moves, work through their thoughts, be a little more disciplined. Sometimes, actually many times, quiet is good for us! This world is so noisy, and, for me anyway, a workout quiets my soul while at the same time PUMPS ME UP!

What about you? Do you prefer quiet or noise for your workout background?

NEW CLASS ALERT: On Wednesdays at 1pm, as of now, we will be holding a new Mama and Baby class. Spread the word to the new mom's out there looking to find their fit. Space is limited so sign up is required. Instructor: Jasmin Howatt.

DEEP CLEANING: It's that time. I'll be going around the gym for a few days in the next week spraying and scrubbing bars and dumbbells. This not only removes dirt and dead skin from the handles, but it also helps create a better grip, thus creating a better workout!

If you see any section of the gym that you believe needs more cleaning, please inform me. Thank you. I pride myself in keeping this gym clean, or at the very least, tidy.

IT's TIME FOR A NEW CHALLENGE!! And I want to hear from you. What have you been aiming to work on, but feel you need more motivation to do it? I have a few ideas but I'd like to hear yours too!! EMAIL ME your thoughts on what kind of challenge to do in the gym. If your idea is picked, you get a FitStop water bottle!

Here are a few challenges we have held in the past year: Squat your way to 200; 100,000 lbs; Murph Challenge; 4-Week Nutrition, 3-week Abs; Spin your way to December (bicycle).

Can't wait to hear from you!

Your coach, Tracy

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