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FitStop Wishes You a Happy NEW YEAR

Welcome! I am excited to introduce you to the new weekly blog. But first things first: it needs a name!!! If you can come up with a catchy name for this blog, and I choose it, you will be gifted with a handy dandy FitStop water bottle! Send me your suggestions via email:

Each week I will update you on happenings in the gym, any challenges, any changes, any news at all. And wouldn't you know, I've got news right now!

A NEW CHALLENGE! Starting January 8th, the FitStop is inviting you to participate in a 4-week nutrition challenge. More details to come.

BARS AND DUMBBELL CLEANING: these will be deep cleaned, meaning bars will be scrubbed with a hard bristle brush and spray, to remove dead skin and dirt, 4 times a year. I did it once back in September or October I believe, and so now I will do it January, April, July and October. This will not only clean them, but it helps to give them better grips as well.

PSA: with the weather getting messier, please make sure you have proper indoor (clean) sneakers to wear inside the gym. Thank you.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more blogging!


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