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FitStop wants to share the love...

It's the week of St. Valentine and FitStop wants to spread a little love around.

Tomorrow only: We have a special 2-for offer for non-members. Bring a friend and get 2 day passes for 1 (also works for class pass)! Sweet!

Join me (Tracy) in Bootcamp, either at 9am or 11:15am for a Valentine's special. The "T" in Valentine's stands for TABATA!

On your way out of the gym, grab a little Valentine treat!

IN THE GYM: You may have noticed a few rearrangements were made. I plan to move a couple more pieces of equipment around too, so keep an eye out for that.

IN CLASS: It's so good to try a new class every now and then. You just don't know until you try, right? Take a look at our class schedule on the bulletin board. If you have any questions, please reach out.

FEBRUARY is PREVENTATIVE HEALTH AWARENESS Month. Do you need to do any of the following?

*Make changes to your nutrition and eating habits?

*Adjust your sleep schedule?

*Get more movement in your days?

*Pay more attention to your mental health?

These are great questions to get you thinking, and if you would like to, you can always feel free to reach out to me and chat.

IN THE OFFICE: I will be out of office from Feb. 24th to March 4th. More details on this next week.

That's it for now!! Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow (FEB 14th).

Your coach and strongest supporter,


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