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Find Your Fit... with a Deadlift? -Vol XVI

What do I mean by a deadlift? Well, if you haven't heard yet, there's a challenge going on. A deadlift challenge. Maybe this is your favorite workout and you have a goal to up your weights. Maybe you don't like the move because you don't really understand how to do it. Well, here's your chance. The 30 day Deadlift challenge is on the go until the end of June. Grab your copy of the tracker and do your best!

I can't wait to hear about personal bests!!

Let's see what's happening in and around the gym!

Some have mentioned to myself and front desk that the temperature in the gym is quite warm. It seems to get that way in the afternoon on warmer days, but I've still asked someone to look into it.

There are a few changes to our classes!

*Circl Mobility with Heather is now at 6pm on Wednesdays.

*Mama and Baby with Jasmin will be at 10am M/W/F starting June 3rd.

*DanceFit with Gloria will be stopping for the Summer as of June 5th.

*There will be a Summer Series this Summer at Leger Park. Schedule coming soon.

*As well, a few class and time changes starting July 5th for the Summer months. Schedule will be out soon.

I'd like to emphasize putting equipment away. It's so important.

A Youth workshop for young people ages 12-14 will take place sometime in June. Date to be announced. Sign up will be required with a payment of $45. More details to come.

Keep working hard at your goals!!

You've got this!


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